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16 January 2005 @ 03:52 pm
thumb1 thumb2


My desk. So it’s messy – all the more reason to procrastinate. I’m a bit of a hoarder, so my little area is a hotchpotch of all I pick up. None of the furniture in our house matches; neither do our possessions. And I kinda like it that way.

My bedside table. Yes, that’s an off-cut keeping my window open. Yes, those are American dollars. Yes, that frog is a radio. =P

My bed. Uh… nothing much to it. My great grandma made one of those blankets for me and my cousin when we were born (only hers was destroyed in the Canberra fires so my grandma made her a new one for Christmas). It goes with me when I travel, heh. I cherish it. Oh! And my John Butler Trio poster. That’s pretty awesome. I saw them live… I don’t like the 80s colours of this house, so I gotta plaster with posters. Yeah, anyway… Next!

A Drawer. Um. That’s my belts and hats and beanies and handbags and gloves and stuff drawer. One of the best parts of winter is the cool hats and scarves, I reckon.

The Wardrobe. Most of my clothes are in another set of drawers… you can see I like red. And I only own two dresses (the black one fits and was only $2 new – how awesome is that?!). That’s a big deal for a girl who, up until recently, spent a lot of time climbing trees and exploring paddocks:

chucknbeau darcy
Pony. My horse, Darcy. She is such a big dog. It seems like we’re all rich and that I have everything, doesn’t it? Hmm. Just so you know, it’s quite the opposite – mum’s worked hard to instil the care in my sister and I to look after what we do have, and don’t throw things away that can still be used. So, we don’t have old tins and newspapers all over the shop, but there is a lot of ‘junk’ about. And we rent this house. And we don’t have a car. And we have chickens to help pay for pet food… but I’m happy. =)

Posters. This is Tommy Emmanuel… I know you can read. My mum took me to see him live, and it was brilliant. Instrumental guitar genius. So I lined up, bought a poster and had it signed. He was nice to chat to – he poked my tummy and said my shirt was cool, haha. It was so cool. Above him is my signed Missy Higgins album cover… I didn’t meet her, but I saw her live when I went to see JBT, and got the cd signed when I ordered at the merch. desk.

pucca! booyea!
Teh Shirtness. This was the shirt I wore to his concert. I love it. Got it in Thailand along with a ton of other cool Pucca stuff. =D

Some of my favourites. I had a little accident with my jewellery tin, so I made the best of it and took some pics:



model1 model2
Necklace. My best friend, Georgia, gave me this necklace. Her parents run a Titanium jewellery business from home and they colour the metal with electricity… somehow. Anyways, it has some pretty awesome effects. Don’t think it’s my being all arty with these weird angles – it’s just easy to tell that I’m right handed. Oh, and the inverted colours look kinda cool and scary and you can tell I’ve massive bags under my eyes. Ohwells.

one! two!! three!!!
Crazy shots. Just a bit of fun, is all.

And, the obligatory Emo picture. There’s my pucca bag!

Blech. There’s me all just-woke-up. I felt like trying on jewellery, so that's what went down. I’m a little disorientated, but very friendly.

My watch. I just thought that was kinda cool-looking, too.

My mum. Haha, she has the same photo expression as me.

Um, anyways. This has been X-posted to my journal, so... kinda boringish. Have fun, kiddies! Leave a comment if you enjoyed that huge load of unrelated pics =D.
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Current Music: Every Me and Every You - Placebo
That girl.___badkarma on January 16th, 2005 02:01 pm (UTC)
That was so much fun to look at. Your family seems alot like mine. You look very much like your mom (she's very cute). I love that titanium heart necklace, and your friend Georgia's family must be really cool, too. Lol, look at me rambling...anyway, I enjoyed the post.
A Perfect Day, Eliseimperfectionist on January 16th, 2005 11:23 pm (UTC)
Haha, thank you. It's just me and my mum here, so we just have things the way we want, kinda thing. I've never been told that I look like my mum, really... especially with my sister around. Oh, and my friend Georgia's family are the coolest! They're all creative people... it's awesome. Thanks for looking :D

Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Elise's Emo Exposé...

Heh, how lame of me :P
*~*Allison*~*alichica105 on January 16th, 2005 08:40 pm (UTC)
Awesome pics and my desk is the same way..i don't even know if there is a countertop underneath all the stuff..hahha.

You should join _insideandout You seem like you would be an active member.