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Brunettes Are Sexy



Name: Lauren

Age: 17, 18 in a couple days

Location: Maryland

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Marital Status: Single, but not looking.


Top 5 TV Shows: Laguna Beach, CSI, Life As We Know It, ALIAS and LOST

Top 5 Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, She's All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Notebook and Eurotrip

Top 5 Bands: Incubus, Taking Back Sunday, Keane, Coldplay and Antique (Greek music)

Top 5 Foods: ANYTHING PASTA!, gyros (basically Greek food), pizza, tacos and chicken nuggets


Describe yourself with 5 words: sincere, funny, honest, blunt and sarcastic

What is your biggest pet peeve?: Being late! I can't stand it if I'm late to anything.

What is your biggest disappointment?: Quitting piano and ballet. I guess I should have continued with those thing, it would have been cool now that I think about it.

If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?: The way I gain weight like crazy, even if I watch what I eat.

What is the one thing that has kept you going, no matter what?: Knowing that I am going to be in college soon and getting away from my parents.

Do you have a role-model? If so, who and why?: Johnny Depp because he is a great actor, in my opinion. I love how he doesn't care about what anyone thinks about him, he dresses however he wants, he seems like he doesn't have a care in the world. I want to be like that.


What's Your Opinion On...

War: I'm against it because one of my good friends is at war right now and my cousin is about to go back. Maybe it's just the way I view things, but I think that issues do not have to be solved using violence.

Homosexual/Bi-Racial Relationships: I'm for any type of relationship. I think that it shouldn't matter who you fall in love with/wanted to get married to. Everyone has the right to happiness and it isn't fair that gay people are being denied this right. I have nothing against interracial dating at all. I've dated outside of my race plenty of times and even though my parents seem to dislike it, I continue to do it because as I said before, everyone as the right to happiness.

Capital Punishment: "An eye for an eye." If someone does something bad, then they deserve it right back at them.

Premarital Sex: As long as people don't have babies out of wedlock, then it is ok. At first, I was completely against it because it was against my religion, but when I thought about it, I think sex isn't as much of a big deal as everyone makes it out to be.

Religion: Everyone should be entitled to freedom of worship. After all, the colonists came to America for religious freedom. Why should we deny anyone of practicing their religion?

Alcohol/Drugs: Laws prohibiting drugs and alcohol should be more strictly enforced, but I think the legal age for alcohol usage should be 18 since that is when kids become legal adults and then they can make decisions for theirselves.


How did you find the community?: Someone promoted it in one of my journal entries.

Are you a natural brunette?: Yes, of course!

Why should we accept you?: Because I am a non-ugly brunette and this is my first rating community, so I'm just trying it out.

Promote the community to another community or to another LJ user. Who did you promote it to?:

and my pictures for you lovely ladies and gentlemen:

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