~ JeSsIcA ~ (tooxsweet) wrote in nonuglybrunette,
~ JeSsIcA ~


hye, i kind of made me own theme.

dress up!

thursday night i couldn't sleep.. like hardcore no matter how much i tried.
and it sucked cause i had finals the next day.
so i ended up playing dress up at 1:00 am and then went to bed at 2:30...
and i took pictures.
warning: when i do dress up i do it hardcore.

it was my old ballet costume from my freshmen year when i danced to phantom of the opera.

imade this my new icon... see? i love it. is that wrong of me? i jsut like the angle.

i was going for a natural look?
the crown wasnt part of the costume, that was from being ms.footlites for my dance studio like a million moons ago.

my un-princess pic. i like it. but its.. not normal...

silent screaming?

i can't believe i posted those.
but thats what my insomia thrusday nights consist of.

camera whoring is so fun.

take a risk. experience the dress up
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