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Brunettes are sexy





Location:Middle of Nowhere NewYork

Astrological Sign:Sagittarius

Marital Status:taken <3


Top 5 TV Shows:7th heaven, gilmore girls, the oc, american idol, boy meets world

Top 5 Movies:jawbreaker, fame,grease, darkness falls, mean girls

Top 5 Bands:incubus, rhcp, queen, guns nd roses, hawthorne heights

Top 5 Foods: ziti, garlic bread, mashed potatoes, ice cream, subway veggie sandwiches =D


Describe yourself with 5 words:honest, funny, crazy, weird, blunt

What is your biggest pet peeve?: when people play with their gum..

What is your biggest disappointment?: when i had to stop doing track, i got hurt too many times and they felt i shouldn't be running because of my bad ankles. =(

If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?: my anger, i get angry way to easily and i stay mad for a long time, but i`m trying to change that.

What is the one thing that has kept you going, no matter what?: Well for the past year, my boyfriend because he's always been there for me and even when i am really upset and i don't want to keep going i know i can always talk to him about it.

Do you have a role-model? If so, who and why?: Not really, i admire many people but i dont really  just admire one person in general because some qualities i just don't like about them and such.


What's Your Opinion On...

War: This war i personally think is stupid and pointless, we're killing so many innoncent people. i really don't like war because there's better ways to solve things then blow everything and everyone in sight up.

Homosexual/Bi-Racial Relationships: i'm all for homosexual relationships, because it's love and you can't stop someone from loving another person just because of their gender.

Capital Punishment:You get what you deserve. No questions asked, if you do something bad you deserve to be treated the same way.

Premarital Sex: Depends on how young you are and who it is and all the little details. Like, are you planning on having a baby  and wedding? then it's okay or if you're just doing it for a good night out. I`m iffy on this because it just depends who it was with and if you were drinking or doing something to provoke you to having sex.

Religion: I believe in god but i don't belong to a church unless it's with my grandfather who is VERY religious. But you should be able to worship however you want.

Alcohol/Drugs: i'm against drugs very very strongly because i have known so many people get hurt because of it. Alcohol ehh, depends because some people that are 12 are like drinking already and they're just hurting themselves but it's okay if you're older and you drink a drink once in a while not every day.


How did you find the community?: Going threw randoms friends and their friends and what not.

Are you a natural brunette?: all the way!

Why should we accept you?: Because i`m fun and you just should .

Promote the community to another community or to another LJ user. Who did you promote it to?:  all my friends that read my lj.

 pictures :


sorry the pics are blurry - i have barely any saved on here.. =(

<33 thanks!

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